Freeze for Frieze

The event

Moncler Freeze for Frieze will take place from 7 to 9 October 2016 at the new Moncler flagship store at 26 Old Bond Street, and will raise funds to cover two exceptionally talented and deserving students’ full tuition for their 2-year MA degree program in Fashion and Textiles at the Royal College of Art.


Moncler has asked artists, fashion designers, friends of the brand chosen to represent different fields, cultural icons from the worlds of international pop-culture, music and design, and some of the renowned college’s alumni and current students to donate a piece of their artwork to be exhibited for the first time ever outside the college’s walls. The nearly 400 pieces, all in postcard format and signed only on the back, have been freely donated by the artists and will be sold at a fixed price of 60 pounds each at the exhibition to be staged at the Moncler flagship store during the boutique’s opening event on the 7th of October. The artists’ identities will only be revealed after purchase, thereby putting internationally renowned artists, up-and-comers and new young talents on the same level playing field.

This exciting installation will be guest curated by renowned journalist Tim Blanks and will run concurrent with Frieze London 2016. In addition, a special selection of cards will be available exclusively on the brand’s e-commerce platform for international purchase. All funds raised will be donated to the Royal College of Art.


I’m very passionate about the world of art, especially how meaningful it is as a language, a means of communication, encompassing one’s personal views and abilities. Art, in my opinion, is a pure expression of creativity able to capture a single moment and transport its entirety into the future. Creativity has always been a key word for Moncler. Working towards this common goal alongside a high profile institution like the Royal College of Art is a great honor for me”.

Remo Ruffini,
Chairman and CEO of Moncler


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